On May 19, 2013, we officially changed our name to CrossLife Evangelical Free Church. We believe this name, and even our logo, can help us communicate who we are. Our church is a community of people who have been given life by the cross and whose lives are being shaped by the cross. At CrossLife we believe real life comes from living a cross-shaped life!

The Cross-Shaped Life in a Self-Absorbed World

Churches run into all kinds of trouble when their members are shaped more by the culture than by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote to a church which was competitive, proud, self-absorbed, and felt a sense of entitlement.  Join us Sundays for this series on 1 Corinthians!


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Upcoming Events
 July 5 - Sunday
9:00 am Worship Service
10:45 am Worship Service
12:30 pm Newcomers Lunch
 July 6 - Monday
5:15 pm Sports Camp VBS
 July 7 - Tuesday
5:15 pm Sports Camp VBS
 July 8 - Wednesday
5:15 pm Sports Camp VBS
 July 9 - Thursday
5:15 pm Sports Camp VBS
 July 10 - Friday
6:30 am Men's Study Group
11:30 am Women's Prayer Group
5:15 pm Sports Camp VBS

Audio/Video Spotlight

Ambitious for Church Leadership (1 Tim 3:1-13)
From Pastor Steve 

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